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Belmopan Residents arrested for drug trafficking

Police have arrested and charged five persons for drug trafficking after they conducted a search at a house in the Salvapan area of Belmopan. Correspondent Fem Cruz filed this report.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: Yesterday afternoon two adults and three minors were charged for drug trafficking. According to police on Christmas night sometime around 8:30 they received information of an aggravated assault with a weapon which led them to a house on St.Andrew’s extension Salvapan Belmopan. Upon arrival police saw 20 year old Marvin Reyes, 31 year old Daniel Castellanos and three minors. The officers involved all five male persons that they would be conducting a search inside the house. They conducted the search which led them to a black plastic bag, inside a chest of drawers in one of the rooms. Inside the black plastic bag was suspected cannabis. As a result all five male persons were arrested and taken to the Belmopan police station where the drugs were weighed in front of them which amount to 129 grams.  Love News understands that on that same night police conducted a further search inside the house which led them to a number of stolen items.”