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Belmopan residents displeased with changes to post office

Customers from the Belmopan post office are displeased with the changes being made at the post office without their knowledge. Cayo correspondent Fem Cruz spoke to one of the clients.

Customers from the Belmopan post office are displeased with the changes being made at the post office without their knowledge. Cayo correspondent Fem Cruz spoke to one of the clients.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: We are presently here in front of the Post Office in Belmopan facing the police station where I caught up with a customer that had some concerns in regard to not getting the service that they deserve.

Phyllis Moody, Concerned Customer: “Hello good morning my name is Phyllis Moody.”

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: Tell us those concerns my dear.

Phyllis Moody, Concerned Customer:Well my concerns is I got a call from the post office which was very courteous of them to tell them that there was a package and I needed to pick it up today. So I went to pick it up today, I was a little early and they said ‘Miss you have to come back eight thirty.’ I went eight thirty there was already a long line of people waiting. We had no idea if the person was going to show up and I came a little after eight thirty the person was not there. They called to find out what had happened and they said that they’ll get in touch with the person who supervises that person only to find out almost at nine the person went to another location there was some mix up and another person was being dispatched in an hours time they would get here. However you have people from different parts of the surrounding villages as well as Belmopan waiting for packages, the facilities are extremely small, it was very hot because the air wasn’t turned on and you have no idea if the hours will now be extended to pick up your package. Now the concern is you may have something urgently that you’re waiting for but you only have one day out of the week, a couple hours only to pick up your package I think that is unacceptable for the capital city they should do better.”

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: Ma’am you asked just for the record, did you try to find out why that is happening ?

Phylis Moody, Concerned Customer: “Well I know that there were some illegal substances discovered recently reported in the news and maybe that has prompted the actions of the Customs Department however to me that is not the way to go in providing services for the citizens of this area of Belize.”

Love News also spoke to James Gabriel, the postmaster general to clarify the issues arising at the post office.

James Gabriel, Postmaster General, Belmopan Post Office: In relation to persons who are receiving parcels or packages from abroad I must make mention first and foremost that customs , Belize Customs has the jurisdiction over each and every item coming into this country and that is indeed the case when it comes to parcels and packages. The post office assesses parcels and packages on behalf of the controller of Customs. What had happened is that while the post office continues to assess these packages and parcels there is an intervention from customs in terms of what items are coming into the country. There are some specific items that customs would have flagged meaning that they want to be the one to open these packages. Now those are the packages that are at the Belmopan post office awaiting a customs officer for a customs officer to do the assessment for those customers. It is only a few of the parcels that are flagged by customs which require the customs officer so you will have an excess of the parcels and packages being assessed by the postal authority there in Belmopan. You are seeing there a number of persons right now because – and that twenty five is over a week’s period because in terms of the items that are being flagged those are items that have accumulated over a period of time. As soon as those are cleared off, those twenty five persons or thirty persons or whatever the case may be we will look and see to what extent we need to have customs present in Belmopan over a period of days.”