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Belmopan Streets Receive Upgrade

A number of streets in Belmopan are getting an upgrade. Our correspondent Fem Cruz spoke to Area representative Oscar Mira about the work.

Fem Cruz, Cayo Correspondent: The upgrading of streets, culverts and drains in the San Martin area of Belmopan continued by the new area rep Honorable Oscar Mira. According to Mira these are the areas that have been neglected for quite a while.

Oscar Mira, Area Representative: “We have been getting a lot of complaints especially during the wet season you know of the condition of the road and in particular the road in front of San Martin Parque Las Americas. It has been for a while know if you have noticed neglected, it is the only little spot that has not been paved. During the dry season it is very dusty. We have gotten numerous complaints about the dust and how it’s affecting the health of those residents in the area so we have decided that it’s time for us to act, it’s time for us to come and produce something that will benefit the lives of our citizens there living in that area and we have decided that it is time to upgrade the road and to actually pave it. We’re doing it by phases. First of all now we’re doing the earth works, as soon as we finish that earth work we’re going to prepare for the first coat of pavement.”