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Belmopan Taxi Operators Up in Arms

The Belmopan City Council is on the receiving end of the ire of cab drivers, who operate near the city’s bus terminal. Correspondent Fem Cruz tells us why.

Love News also spoke to the city council’s spokesman about the decision.

“Well as far as I know I spoke to my Director for Transportation and he has informed me that for some time now we have been having residents of the city asking that the entrance tot the bus terminal because of the parking of the taxis in front of the terminal there’s no way for them to load and unload, pick up and drop off people and also with the taxis parked there when the buses come in it’s cumbersome and that entrance is very very small. So what we have decided is to relocate these taxis to a different location at the market at the bus terminal and to free up that area so there’s an easier flow of traffic and then the residents of the city are now able to enter and leave the terminal easier and more accessible for residents as well.”

Reporter: We received a copy of a gazette where it says that that area was designated specifically for these taxi drivers, where does that leave the council or is this move still going to happen ?

“Well as far as I understand the issue of the parking has been addressed and it has been discussed with the Department of Transportation and through the Director of Transportation over the past months that they have been addressing it and looking into it that it has finally come to the position where the move is happening. The entire zone should be a no parking zone period not for the taxis, not for anybody. It should be a pick up and drop off zone and that is what we’re trying to get it to.”