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Belmopan teen still missing three months later

As more teenagers are being reported missing, Belmopan resident, Karen O’Brien, is still trying to come to terms with the sudden disappearance of her daughter, seventeen-year-old daughter, Alyka Coye, that occured in June of this year. O’Brien recalls the day her daughter went missing, she shared with Love News, the little information her family has gathered so far.

 Karen O’Brien: “We got some information, some second and third hand information so I wasn’t so sure but she have a half brother in the states. He was trying to contact her but she wasn’t responding for a while, for almost a month and change then eventually he sent a message to his family saying that she eventually contacted him and told him that she is with a lady in PG and it seems like I don’t know if it’s true but if she is with somebody I feel like they are working because even the next young lady that left, both are working but they didn’t take their social security card. Well my daughter didn’t take hers so we were thinking about checking at Social Security to see if there is any contribution but wherever they are, wherever they are working nobody knows and it’s like a little secret. I mean the other young lady she is over 18, she could have easily told her mom, mom I  got a job and her mom would be glad and go work and come home but she secretly you know about 1 o’clock the morning left home to go work somewhere but nobody knows what the job or where she is working.”

She has since stated that she has only received few messages from her daughter in the beginning of September stating that she was alive, working and was alone. Despite the message, however, O’Brien has not been appeased.

Karen O’Brien: ‘The fact that she only has limited access to quickly go on and come off tells me something that either she doesn’t have access for borrowing a phone or borrowing somebody computer or she is being monitored saying alright you could go but I will sit right here answer quickly because the two time she answered me it was very quick, it didn’t even sound like her. I had to ask a question to make sure it was her .”

O’Brien says that despite worrying about her daughter’s safety, she trusting God, and that with faith, her daughter will return.