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Beloved Doctor Dies in RTA Up North

A medical doctor stationed up north never made it home last night as he got caught up in a head on collision. The 39-year-old had just finished working an extended shift and was heading home to San Felipe Village, Orange Walk. He reportedly died on impact as we hear from Reporter Vejea Alvarez.

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: 39-year-old Jose Can, well known medical doctor was heading home to his wife and family on Thursday night when his life came to an abrupt end. The father of five had just finished an extended shift at the Northern Regional Hospital and was on his way home to San Felipe Village Orange Walk at around eight thirty but something happened that led to a head-on collision near mile twenty on the Blue Creek Road. The collision was between Can’s black Ford Escort sedan and a white Hilux pickup truck belonging to the Customs Department. Love News understands that Dr.Cano was trapped inside his vehicle and that he died on impact. His mother 72-year-old Emiliana Can says the entire ordeal seems like a bad dream. 

Emiliana Can, Mother: “I was in my bed about nine thirty and then I woke up and came to my kitchen and when I came outside I heard that somebody called me and when I opened the door I saw my nuera she told me ‘I want to tell you something but I don’t know how.’ and I told her ‘Tell me.’ and she said ‘Chocaron a Jose.’ I can’t do nothing I only began to shake.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: Inside the Customs vehicle were:  the driver 32-year-old Customs officer Brenton Lopez; police officers 36-year-old Leonardo Chan; and 36-year-old Merideth Budna as well as a Belize Defence Force soldier 31-year-old Yasser Puk. According to police Dr.Can somehow lost control of his vehicle which led to the collision. His family however isn’t buying that story. The victim’s mother says Can has been travelling that road for as long as she can remember and he has never had an accident prior to this one. 

Emiliana Can, Mother: “Every day he drives to San Felipe to Orange Walk. Everyday, because he went to work. I will remember him every day because when he reached here at six o’clock or five thirty I have prepared or his wife has prepared his supper and we eat in the same table the three of us and the little baby.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News:  Reports to our newsroom say that the driver of the pickup truck, Brendon Lopez, had refused to provide blood or urine sample. This make’s Can’s family even more suspicious. As a matter of fact the family says an eyewitness places Lopez at a football game consuming alcoholic beverages.

Family member: “She saw them in the village from around five o’clock they had already come early but like how they always play football they had already took their little drinks and they had parked up there where the crowd was and that is when she witnessed that they were drinking a good while ago. And then they left and they left because the game had already finished and eight o’clock, eight thirty right here they were already going to rest up. People right here like in other terms kind of fear them because of what is their job.”

Vejea Alvarez, Love FM News: While police have yet to record an official statement from Brenton Lopez he has been issued with a notice of intended prosecution and remains in a stable condition under observation at the Northern Regional Hospital.