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BEL’s CEO Jeffrey Locke elected CARILEC’s Chairman

BEL’s CEO Jeffrey Locke has been elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC). CARILEC, a regional association of electric utilities, comprises a total of one hundred and six members. With more than three decades of experience in the energy industry, Locke says that CARILEC will be rolling out its new Strategic Plan to support its members

Jeffery Locke, Chairman, CARILEC: “We’ve just put together a new strategic plan and that plan is to usher in CARILEC not only as a utility provider but an electric energy service provider so we are looking to expand the services of the utility, support those initiatives by the various utilities so that we can serve our people better. “

Reporter: What are CARILEC’s plans for the industry in the near future.

Jeffrey Locke, Chairman, CARILEC: “Like I mentioned just now the biggest part of the plan is we had a very good history of providing reliable electricity to our communities. Now we recognize that the customers want more and so the plan is to now leverage the knowledge and good technical history but now to bring the services closer to the needs of the customers. So we’ll be working with new initiatives, new technology and it’s a really exciting time to be able to leverage those and provide even better.”

Reporter: I know that you’ve got a lot going on in Belize, what does this mean for your people in Belize and for Belize itself?

Jeffery Locke, Chairman, CARILEC: “My role as chairman means the same thing as it means for Belize as it means for Barbados, as it means for St.Lucia and all utilities and our associate members. We are an association looking out for each other, we are an association that believes the strength of every member of the association makes us all better as individual utilities in our various countries.”

Locke will serve as chairman until 2020. He succeeds Colin Cover, the Chief Executive Officer of Grenada Electricity Services Limited.