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BEL’s Fifty Million Dollar Arrears Decreasing

The Belize Electricity Limited’s gargantuan fifty-million-dollar deficit in electricity payments has seen a drastic decrease. At the height of the pandemic, consumers had racked up some fifty million dollars in arrears after BEL ceased to disconnect customers who had arrears and couldn’t pay due to losses in employment or wages. With the pandemic now subsiding and with many Belizeans getting back to work, General Manager of Commercial & Retail Services at BEL, Sean Fuller says the payments have been rolling in.

Sean Fuller, General Manager, Commercial & Retail Services, BEL: “You would not believe it. Belizeans are starting to pay their bills again. The arrears situation has dropped tremendously from our customers. Most of our customers have been paying their bills. We still have a few customers that we are working with and what we are doing, we are offering to all customers who have issues paying their bill today, come in or call us via our WhatsApp, or our 800 number, or via email,  and we will set up a payment arrangement with you. If you have a bill for $1000 that’s been there for awhile, come in with us. We will set up a payment arrangement for you to pay that off within 6 months, to 9 months, or to 10 months while you continue to maintain your current bill and so the only customers that we believe still have challenges are obviously those customers that have not been able to regain employment and we are working with every single one of them who wants to work with us to be able to come up with a payment plan to be able to maintain their electricity and also pay of their arrears over a period of time. It’s about $40 million now of which a little over 30 million is for the current month so it’s really under $20 million owed over 30 days. Like I said, the Belizean population is paying their electricity bills. People trust BEL and they know that the service we provide is top notch service and we thank our customers for being able to service their bills.”

Customers that have outstanding balances with BEL are encouraged to visit their officers to look into a payment plan.