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Beltraide and Taiwan Invest in Entrepreneurs

Thirty six entrepreneurs are set to receive thousands of dollars in support of their business. Close to four hundred thousand dollars has been budgeted to help the businessman and women. Emprende Belize Fund seeks to empower entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. The initiative was implemented by BELTRAIDE through Regional Centre for the Promotion of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (CENPROMYPE) and financed by the Republic of China, Taiwan. A small ceremony was held today in Belize City where BELTRAIDE’s General Manager, Lejia Melanie Gideon spoke to the entrepreneurs.


“We are very happy Ambassador that this is the third time that through the great offices of the Government of Taiwan that we’ve been able to do a seed capital fund project in Central America, particularly Belize. This marks about the third time we’re here, where BELTRAIDE with CENPROMYPE have been able to pull off a marvelous project that we have been able to replicate in other times. What makes it special is that we provide a platform. We as in CENPROMYPE and the advisors at BELTRAIDE provide a platform, a safe spot for you to bring your entrepreneurial ideas and what we do with you is make you see how that idea can become a reality. Bringing your dream to life doesn’t stop when you open the door. The joys and the chaos starts then and what SBDC and the advisors help you with is to maintain and channel that chaos into perpetual dream to grow your business and so it is with the pleasure of my team and the humility that you make us feel  to be able to have the honor of working with you. I saw Thank You for sharing that with us. The least we can do is help you reach your dream and the beauty of this program like I was telling the minister is that you become a client of SBDC and that is important because we then walk with you in your journey because nothing is more frightening than when sometimes you are on a journey that’s unsure of and you are by yourself. We are here for you. So again Ambassador this is what the benefit of your government has done.”

The entrepreneurs will receive grant funding of up to five thousand five hundred and fifty five US dollars each to establish or expand their businesses and will execute their investment plans as approved by BELTRAIDE and CENPROMYPE. The EMPRENDE Belize Fund was launched in October 5 and is being implemented over an eight-month period.