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Benque Police intercepted thieves trying to cross the border in stolen vehicle

Last night, police in the west were able to stop three men accused of stealing a 2007 Toyota Hilux pick-up truck from crossing the border into Guatemala. Love News understands that a fifty-nine-year-old construction worker of the Kontiki area, Cayo was robbed at gunpoint. The thieves sped off in the truck which belongs to his employer. However, quick response from Benque police led officers to the Arenal Road where they intercepted the culprits inside the stolen truck. Minister of Home Affairs, Kareem Musa, commended the officers and gave a word of advice to owners of these pricey pick-ups.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs: “The Toyota Hilux seems to be the vehicle of preference for thieves and so, we just want to signal that warning to the owners of Hilux vehicles to please be very careful, to secure your vehicle as much as possible. But I am very satisfied and glad, Vejea, on the excellent police work that we had last night at the Arenal patrol, not just discovering a motor vehicle but a firearm, an illegal firearm that was found inside the vehicle. So very efficient police work and I want to commend them for that and that is why that particular Arenal patrol and station is extremely important for that area because that is the preferred access way for the thieves to get across to Guatemala.”

The culprits, 23-year-old Clinton Medina, 23-year-old, Mark Coleman, and 22-year-old Edgar Lopez, were also found in possession of an unlicensed .22 handgun and fourteen live rounds of ammunition. The men were detained and are pending charges of “Kept firearm without a gun license” and kept ammunition without a gun license”. Three men are all Belizeans.