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Benque Teachers Charged with Attempting to Set Bonfire being Represented by Attorney Darrel Bradley

In May when BNTU was on strike four of its primary school teachers were arrested and charged for attempting to set tires on fire. This reportedly happened at the entrance of Succotz Village in Cayo and they were official charged with “attempting to set a bonfire without the permission of Police”. The teachers made bail and are waiting for their trial to comments. They are represented by Attorney Darrell Bradley who told Love News the teachers have a strong case.

Darrell Bradley, Attorney

Darrell Bradley, Attorney: “That case is  being adjourned so we are actively defending that case and the matter would go to trial. We suspect that perhaps maybe there may be a different view in relation to the police but we would notwithstanding that defend the case as aggressively as possible. We deny the incident entirely so those are things which I mean when you actually hear the evidence of the case I think it’s kind of a rather weak case but again that’s one of the reasons why people plead not guilty and they go to trial. These are upstanding teachers. These are people who teach our children in the classroom and I think they have legitimate grounds in relation to the salary reduction, all of us have been called upon to take cuts in relation to the COVID reality but I think there are some legitimate legal arguments and to the extent that there are legal arguments they press this in court, that’s the mature and responsible way that we will do it and that’s what they’re doing.”