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Bernadine Lauriano’s nephew killed

The weekend saw a total of three murders, but not on the street of Belize City as two of incidents happened in Rural Belize and another in the Toledo District. There were also three separate shootings in which five people were injured. We start our coverage of the weekend crime with the murders that were all recorded on Sunday, March 25. Shortly after seven o’clock in the morning, the body 28 year old Justin Emanuel Orellana was found inside a plywood shack in lord’s Bank Village. Police say the victim had been shot several times and lay on a bed. The victim has been identified as the nephew of deceased Bernadine Lauriano, who was ambushed and killed in her Belize City residence on March 9.  Several days later, police were on a case of double homicide as Teresita Flowers and Delcia Blanco were also gunned down in their residence in a similar fashion. Police investigation points to a deadly family feud between both families. Is this latest murder a

Police say that Orellana was sharing the house room with another male person who they are now looking for to assist in investigation.