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BERT, 20 years later

The sound of sirens tend to cause alarm to many people who are peering on any situation from a distant. But for a family that faces sudden illness or injury the sound of sirens means help is on its way and that usualy means BERT is there to save the day. Today, the Belize Emergency Response Team (BERT) celebrated its twentieth anniversary. BERT has been providing pre-hospital care along with swift emergency response times and transportation of patients. Love News spoke with Suzanne Ferguson, the Operations Manager and Acting National Coordinator about the institution’s accomplishments and the way forward.

Suzanne Ferguson Acting National Coordinator: So for the past 20 years BERT has been able to employ more employees with the help of an increase in government subvention. We have also been able to add on to our training center. We are now doing PALS which is a course for pediatric persons interested in pediatric health care. The future plans for BERT is for us to get more involved in more of the district. We are planning to get into San Pedro and also move our operations down South and up in the North if possible.

BERT is a non-profit organization.