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BERT gets funding to Teach CPR to students

BERT is an American Heart Association (AHA) authorized training center. AHA’s mandate is to raise awareness about heart attacks and cardiac arrests. This year BERT participated in the association’s CPR month. BERT’s goal to raise awareness comes from international research that shows 8 percent of people who suffer cardiac arrests outside a hospital, receive care from a bystander who is familiar with CPR. To increase the numbers from a dismal, global 8 percent, BERT has solicited funds from the business community to teach CPR in schools. Speednet, the company that provides SMART phone services, handed over a 6 thousand dollars cheque to Andre Carillo, the Executive Director of BERT.

Andre Carrillo Executive Director Bert: “This was a donation that went to the public and so we approached the the business community to help fund it, as you know BERT is also an NGO and nonprofit so the cost funding varies based the district that we go to however it is our intention to go to the the entire country and introduce this in the schools and so in September we were able to train three thousand twenty five students and that is in the month of September alone.The program is called Hands Only CPR. It ranges from about half an hour to an hour, depends on the different modules that the schools choose but essentially trains the students from anywhere from 12 years up on how to conduct CPR, how to address an emergency, how to recognize it and essentially to call the authorities to come and start rescue.”

Adelaide Sabido Public Relations Smart: “Why not take the extra step to partner with an initiative like this that will educate young people and try to help those who are in need, to perform CPR properly. We were told some statistical figures of how many people die or how many people get aided before an ambulance reach there and the statistics are very low. If we would only know how to render aid on the spot then that would be a great initiative and really our youths are the ones who need to know this and so we partnered with Smart, we partnered with BERT to ensure that their efforts are recognized , that their efforts are successful and that the youths countrywide have the skills they need to save someone’s life.”

BERT says teaching CPR can cost up to five thousand dollars a month.  BERT launched its country wide campaign in September and trained a total of 3,025 students in Corozal, Orange Walk and Belize District.  The funds it received today will assist with teaching CPR to schools throughout the country.