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Bert Vasquez found guilty of attempted rape

A jury consisting of five women and four men deliberated today and delivered a verdict of guilty on the attempted rape charge and not guilty on the charge of forcible abduction brought against 35-year-old, Bert Vasquez.  The jury took over 3 hours to deliberate and arrived at the verdicts just after four o’clock this evening. The incident dates back to January 25, 2011, when Vasquez offered a female a ride, but instead of taking her home he took her to the Belama area, where the incident occurred.  After the hearing, Crown Counsel Kileru Awich spoke to the media.

Crown Counsel Kileru Awich:  The case concluded today, the judge sent up the case of the Jury just after 2 and the Jury returned just after four. They informed him not guilty of forcible abduction, a majority verdict and unanimous guilty on attempted rape, well was basically the account of the virtual complaint, she is the one that was the main evidence against Bert Vasquez. She was the only one in his company and she was the only one that could speak of that day 25th January.

Jonelle Mckenzie: “How many witnesses were there?”

Crown Counsel Kileru Awich:  Were four witnesses, three were formal witnesses and one was the virtual complaint in closing.

Vasquez is no stranger to the law, he was found guilty in a previous case of forcible abduction and aggravated sexual assault of a 16-year-old female, whom he had forced to get into his vehicle near the Pound Yard Bridge in Belize City.  Thereafter, he drove her to a location on the northern highway, where the incident occurred. Additionally, Vasquez is accused of the murder of 13-year-old Jasmine Lowe in 2012.  Justice Colin Williams adjourned today’s case to November 28, for mitigation.