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Bert Vasquez to Stand Trial for Forcible Abduction of Minor

Back in 2012 residents were outraged at the murder of 13-year-old, Jasmine Lowe.  The young girl had gone missing on her way to an event where she was to perform in the Scouts Diamond Jubilee celebration on Monday, June 4 but she never made it.  Two days later, authorities in San Ignacio found her body near a farm on the Cristo Rey Road in the Cayo District.  Investigations were carried out and those led to the arrest of Bert Vasquez, a resident of Belize City.  Following his arrest another report against him surfaced where a 16-year-old had reported that Vasquez had forcibly taken her in his vehicle to the Vista del Mar area and assaulted her with a firearm, causing a facial injury.  While the murder trial for Lowe is yet to be called up, Vasquez was in court yesterday before Justice Adolph Lucas for the case management into the forcible abduction of the young girl which reportedly took place in May 2011.  A trial date for the alleged abduction and harm caused against the 16-year-old was set in yesterday’s case management for December 9, 2016.  Prosecutor in the matter was Janelle Tillett whilst Vasquez was represented by Christelle Wilson.