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Bert Vasquez’ Trial for Abduction Begins

On Wednesday a trial involving Bert Vasquez began in the court room of Supreme Court Justice Adolph Lucas. Vasquez is accused of a crime allegedly committed in May 2011. Nine jurors were selected to hear the case. Representing the crown is Sheringe Rodriguez who began her opening statement with details of the case. Vasquez is accused of abducting a 16 year old girl, who is now twenty two years old, on May 13, 2011. The woman told the court that she was waiting near the Pound Yard Bridge for a bus to go home in Ladyville. She said she missed the bus but continued to wait. While waiting, the woman says, a small car pulled up and the driver rolled down the window and asked if she had missed he bus. She told the driver yes and the driver reportedly came out of the car, approached her and demanded that she get in the car. He did this while holding a gun wrapped in a white t shirt. The woman told the court that the driver beat her as they drove to Vista del Mar where she was forced to remove her blouse and forced to perform oral sex. The woman tried to fight her attacker but he reportedly beat her and attempted to shoot her with a point thirty six revolver. The gun snapped and the driver told her to get out of the car and run while he drove off. She did so and after running for a time she stopped by the side of the road where she got assistance to go to the Ladyville police station where she made an official report. Wednesday’s session had to be adjourned for a couple of hours after the crown counsel misread the charges. It was later agreed that Vasquez was charged for “forcible abduction,” “intentional harm” and “aggravated assault.” Justice Lucas adjourned the session once more after the victim attempted to include details of another witness testimony which had been disallowed. That testimony was not allowed because the witness was absent. The crown faced another setback when the medical report provided by the registry was not the original. The copy of the medical report was not allowed into evidence. The victim continued her testimony yesterday when she was questioned about the lighting that aided her to positively identify her attacker. Much of yesterday’s session was closed because the prosecutor, defense and Justice Lucas discussed the admissibility of some of the evidence. The matter was adjourned to Monday morning. Vasquez is being defended by Attorney Oscar Selgado. He is also on remand for the murder of 13 year old Jasmine Lowe.