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It’s best for Marilyn Williams to resign as KHMHA Chair, says AG

Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte says that Marilyn Williams should resign from her post, not as a Supreme Court Justice but as the Chair of the Board of the KHMHA. Williams had been appointed to head the Integrity Commission but she later resigned to be a Justice of the Supreme Court. As we have reported, it is only logical for her to resign as the Chair of the KHMH Board to allow for the separation of powers and avoid any possible conflict of interest. Here is how Peyrefitte explained it.

Michael Peyrefitte, Attorney General: “My first instinct is to say that indeed if you are a judge of the Supreme Court you should pretty much relinquish everything else that you do professionally. I mean I know that you have cancer society type stuff, you have diabetes association I think the Chief Magistrate is heavily involved in that I would have to get finer legal advice but my first instinct is to say that if you are a judge of the Supreme Court then you should not sit on a statutory body. That is my initial reaction without any further research on the matter but I think I am correct. So if, and I say I don’t know if she sits on it or ever sat on it, but if she does and the mere fact that you are asking it is in the public domain I think it would be in the best interest for her to resign if she sits on that board.”

Williams was sworn in as Supreme Court Justice on January 5.
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