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Beyond the Horizon Hands Over Structure to Health CEO

Works at the Ladyville Health Centre have been completed and was officially handed over today to the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Health, Dr Ramon Figueroa.  The works entailed the erection of a twenty six by sixty foot extension to the Ladyville Polyclinic which has been partitioned into five rooms.  An official ceremony led by the US Embassy took place on the clinic’s compound in Lord’s Bank Village just after ten o’clock this morning.  Charge d Affaires of the US Embassy, Adrienne Galanek spoke of this particular construction and several others around the country.


The project is definitely wrapping up but our partnership remains strong and all of the troops that have been rotating through, there’s been about 2,000 of them they have shared with me and also with colleagues at the taskforce just how valuable the experience has been to them. They can’t say enough about the partnership with the government and people of Belize. People stop by at the different sites and thank them for their service and work and of course they are working side by side with the BDF and then also partners from Trinidad and Tobago and also partners from Columbia and they are learning so much from the BDF as well in different techniques as well and how to acclimate the buildings to climates like Belize.”

According to Dr Figueroa, capacity building will be a major benefit in the health sector with these projects.


First and foremost its building our capacity to increase access and coverage to the population. As you know we are faced with a challenge in terms of our facilities are still built to cater to a very small population and over the years it has grown and we need to increase the capacity to be able to cater to the needs of the population and the area of Ladyville and Lords Bank in particular has grown significantly since we built the initial health center so that is going to help us be able to provide better service to larger populations and therefore satisfy the needs of people. The other thing with Beyond Horizon is not only are we improving our infrastructure but we as you well know we have clinics that are being held at the community level and so that is an expansion of services and with it comes medication and equipment with it as well. So that is for the benefit to the population.”


Was there any kind of financial investment that the government of Belize had to put into these projects?”


There is I can’t tell you exactly how much but if you take into account the personnel time it’s also a significant contribution to the project but in terms of monetary funds yes we have had to invest some but I can’t tell you the figures right now.”

The construction of this extension for the health centre is one of several projects being done under the umbrella of the Beyond the Horizon Project 2017 with the US military.  The other projects will be inaugurated next week in the villages of St Matthews, Double Head Cabbage as well as Dangriga Town. Taking part in the Beyond the Horizon exercise were members of the Army Reserve, National Guard, Active Duty Air Force Marines as well as military men and women from Trinidad & Tobago and Belize.