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BHA’s President on National Familiarization Tour

The Belize Hotel Association’s newly elected President Ted Tejada is on a familiarization tour. Tejada who was elected in late June during the Association’s Annual General Meeting has been visiting each of the 75 members registered with the Association. Today, Tejada met with managers of five hotels in the Belize District. Tejada shared his vision for the Association and a few ideas he has in the pipeline to promote the members’ services and making them more visible in the world market.


We actually want to feel what their needs are before we actually start this marketing. Personally I want to know my members, where they are located what their product is so when we start marketing them we know what properties they have. At this moment we are looking into an international person that will be doing SEO which is Search Engine Optimization for our association. We will also be revamping the website very soon, we know that the majority of our business do business online, a lot of the rooms are actually bought from abroad so we really want to create a robust website where we will be able to advertise all our member hotels on one particular platform. We also want to include other things on the website such as a calendar of events in Belize. If a tourist is coming from the US to Belize they are coming maybe for the September Celebrations and we would like to tell the rest of the world what the dates are that would be interesting dates to come to Belize.”

Earlier this month, the Belize Tourism Board indicated that overnight tourism arrivals continue an upward trend as overnight arrivals showed a seven point eight percent growth. June 2017 had the highest arrival total for a June month in history, with over 37,600 overnight visitors. The BTB also reported an overall increase in cruise passengers. Tejada says that these figures may also mean better business for hoteliers.


Here in Belize the numbers have increased gradually. We understand that there are new flights coming in this year, there are new flights coming in from Calgary Canada, actually Air Canada has actually announced another flight from Toronto, Westjet is going to be flying out of Toronto and Calgary. Southwest has added flights from Florida and in Houston so we believe that more air lifts will be adding more tours to the country of Belize. The numbers show that it is improving, the flights being more economically from where it was we believe that definitely this is going to be a record year.”


Would you say that that would translate to a record year for hoteliers as well or at least your membership?”


Yes. I believe with the proper marketing I know the Belize Tourism Board is doing a lot in trying to get more airlifts which like I said we have three more flights coming into the country with that and proper marketing I’m sure that it can translate into more rooms for our members.”

Tejada will continue to meet with the BHA’s members in the weeks ahead.