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BHS offering their students unlimited choices

Belize High School is observing college awareness month and through this initiative the students are getting exposed to colleges and universities in Belize and abroad. Love News spoke with Jennylee Francisco, Academic Counselor; she says that some of the universities the students are learning about are University of Toronto in Canada, University of Stanford in the United States of America, among others.

Jennylee Francisco Academic Counselor: “During this month they have visitors and representatives from other Universities and we have had representatives from Canada, Memorial University from Anahuac Mayab which is Merida. We have had SJCJC visit our campus so it’s a well fun filled month of ongoing activities, the students today are currently engaged in an adopt a College campus tour. This day highlights different Colleges from across the world. We have had representatives from Oxford University, Julliard, Duke University so there is a wide range of Universities represented. The students need to look at the size location when it comes to their fit, the programs, the scholarship opportunities and the requirements for international students.”

Jason Turley, a former Director of Dean of Admission in the United States of America shared imparted knowledge on choosing a university and stressed the importance of working hard from their first year of high school through to their senior year.

Jason Turley Former Director of Dean of Admission: “Whether it’s a school in the United States, Canada, Belize anywhere in the world it’s important about them being able to present themselves in the best possible light. I think the important thing is to being able to look at themselves and being able to understand what their strengths are, what their weakness are, not weakness to say that it is a deficit but really how do they use that as an opportunity to show that they are willing to work hard. So many times with Colleges there is perception that you have to be perfect in everything where it’s more about the heart, it’s more about your work ethic and saying that I want to be successful and finding the right college. Just in the United States there are over 4000 colleges.”

Jamie Lee Usher, the Principal of Belize High School, says they encourage their students to take the Suite of Assessment, SAT, which gives their students more options than the Caribbean Examinations Council, CXC, has to offer.

Jamie Lee Usher Principal BHS: “For our students though what our curriculum has been matched against is the SAT and when we established our school curriculum, our board of governors and the people involved with developing Belize highschool found that having access to the US based colleges. There is US colleges and having access to that really opened up so much windows, doors everything for our students and so that’s why we decided to go with the SAT route just because it meant more opportunities. For the longest time the culture of Belize has been to be transfering from highschool to a JC, to get your associates and then look out to choose a University so when Belize High school was established in 2010 we for now and we remain for now the only school that is trying to push students to go straight off to College right after highschool and through resources such as Mr. Turley and other Universities  who have been working with us , there really is a tremendous benefit to starting your thircary life right after highschool.”

Usher says the school helps to prepare their students for college so that the students are well informed to make the choice that best suits them since that choice will pave the way for the rest of their lives.