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BHS’ students will visit the OAS

A delegate of twenty students from the Belize High School, BHS, will get an opportunity to travel to Washington DC, where they will visit the headquarters of Organization of American States (OAS). There they will participate in a program known as the model OAS. This afternoon, BHS held an induction ceremony for their twenty ambassador, Principal Jamie Lee Usher in her address spoke about the opportunities the students will have such as meeting current leaders of the Americas.

Jamie Lee Usher – Principal of Belize High School: “The model OAS takes place annually at the OAS headquarters in Washington DC. The model OAS General assembly is a simulation exercise of the proceeding of OAS Permanent council and the regular annual sessions of the General Assembly. During the MOAS students engage in general debate, lobbying, caucusing, negotiations and participate in working groups. As a delegate at these prestigious conferences they have accepted the additional responsibility that will enhance their leadership qualities. Teachers provide an invaluable expertise in the preparation of the committee sessions. Over the past six years I have witnessed first hand as this special cohorts of students blossom and grow through these experiences with debates and discussion surrounding hot topics of direct relevance to the americas, they have been practicing the pillars of diplomacy. The schools of our country is its future in miniature. As a catalyst for change, these young leaders, 20 of them before you have embraced the power that they have. They will have a direct impact on these very same issues.

Gabriel Coye, a third form students, is one of the students selected to participate in the program. Love news spoke with Coye who said this is the second year that he will be participating in the program.

Gabriel Coye – Student: “Well I have been there before, I went there last year so I already know how it runs and so when I was there last year we got together in a committee room and we have to open up our opening statements and we said all of those and then we split up into smaller groups to form a resolution and then from our resolution we make amendments with our group so that’s what we did last year and it should be the same this year. They assign us different countries to represent in the OAS members states so another school or another delegation got Belize to represent and sometimes its like funny to hear some stuff they have wrong or whatever about Belize because we are from here and we know what’s going on.”

Usher said that this will be the fourth year that the school is sending its students to the model OAS.  Usher added that they continue to participate in the program because they have seen how it has allowed their students to develop.