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Bi-Election Held in Arenal Village

The village of Arenal in the Cayo District has a new village Chairman following a bi-election held on February 26, 2017.  The candidate, Lucio Ruiz who ran under the United Democratic Party was victorious as explained by the UDP Chairman, Alberto August.


“There was the death of the Chairman of Arenal Village earlier this year and he had to be replaced. One of the councilors stepped up to run for us because as you know in Arenal we had a seven member village council but the UDP chairman passed away earlier this year and that triggered a by-election. What happened is that a councilor stood up to run for us as the Chairman of the village and then that created a vacancy in the councilor position and so we had a by-election for chairman and a counselor.”


“What was the voter turnout like and what was the victory like for the UDP.”


“There is a little over 400 voters on the list in Arenal, 364 came out to vote. Of course we were victorious our chairman candidate Lucio Res was victorious with 254 votes and as opposed to the PUP candidate with 99 and in terms of the councilor candidate our candidate Yanera Sanchez with 245 votes as opposed to the 91 from the PUP councilor.”

Love News asked August if the result of this bi-election is an indication for them regarding the party’s popularity.


“If you listen to the opposition you will hear them saying that they always believe that there is an early election coming up, it is not because an election is coming up it is just because the UDP continues to work and you hear that our Prime Minister said that all of these developments are happening in the normal course. From the time the UDP was elected the work continued in other words we don’t’ wait until an election is happening for us to begin to do the work so on the basis of the continuous working of every single United Democratic Party Candidate the people continue to support the UDP.”

Ruiz replaces Orlando Sanchez who was elected in June 2016.  Meanwhile, Yanira Sanchez replaces Ruiz as a Village Councillor.