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Big Bust at Northern Border

Last night, Corozal Police intercepted two vehicles returning from Chetumal at the northern border and conducted searches on them, which led to the discovery of drugs. At this morning’s Police press briefing Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino shared the details.

Inspector Wilfred Ferrufino, C.I.B, Belize City:  Last night on Wednesday the 4th Police from Corozal or Corozal Police visited the northern border where they intercepted two vehicles. One a Kia Manty this is a car, the two occupants one Kenyon Lewis and Philmore King. The vehicle was searched and from that search it resulted in 15 parcels of what was suspected to be cannabis, that would be somewhere around 13.5 lbs. The drugs was found in the spare tire of the vehicle and there was another vehicle that was searched a Ford Escape that was drove by the time by Blancanul Madel and the other occupant Michelle Bengushe, they were in a Ford Escape, that Ford Escape was found and searched and was found again inside the spare tire. They found 24 parcels of suspected Cannabis that would be 20,470 grams. We are looking at somewhere of 45lbs of Cannabis.”

In addition to the drugs, twenty-eight – 380 aguila rounds of ammunition were also found inside the spare wheel of the Ford Escape. Police have detained the persons pending charges.