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Big Falls Water System Receives Upgrades

Residents of Big Falls Village were out of potable water for a few days after the water pump’s functionality was hindered. In speaking with Toledo West Area Representative Oscar Requena, Senior Toledo Correspondent Paul Mahung found out that the pump had not been properly maintained for years.

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Efforts to fix problems affecting the water supply in Big Falls Village Toledo were made earlier this week. The water supply problem in Big Falls Village during the past days over the weekend into this week was looked into as explained by Toledo West representative Minister of Rural Transportation, Community Development, Local Government and Labor Honorable Oscar Requena who spoke to Love News.

Oscar Requena, Minister of Rural Transportation, Community Development, Local Government and Labor: “The community has been experiencing some water problems for the last few days. I must say that we have been busy working in other communities across this country and that was the reason for the little delay in reaching out to Big Falls but I’m happy to report that yesterday the rig went down and this morning the water pump was pulled out and as you will see through the pictures the water pump has really not been serviced for quite a long time and we believe that that is the reason why the water was having difficulty in coming out of the well and going into the line but that matter is being addressed as we speak. We are committed to ensure that we deliver quality service to our people in a timely manner and I want to say to Big Falls that I’m happy that the matter is being resolved, we thank them as I said for their patience and it proves the point that as a ministry we have to put in place a system to ensure that wells across this country are serviced in a timely manner because if we do not do that we’re going to be experiencing similar problems. So our commitment is to our communities across this country, to our people, to ensure that we deliver quality potable water to them at all times.”

Paul Mahung, Toledo Correspondent: Love News also heard from Big Falls water board chairman Jose Baqui who said that needed work done on the water pump was completed yesterday and the water pump is now on a trial period. Baqui also commented that if the water pump fails again the technical service crew will return to implement other workable solutions.