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BIM marks 25 years at its location

For three decades, the Belize Institute of Management, BIM, has been providing key skills for those who work in the business sector through its short term trainings. You may have benefitted from attended a training at BIM. Today, BIM’s building celebrated twenty-five years of existence with a luncheon. Love news was there and spoke with the Chairman, Raineldo Guerrero, who said that BIM was established at a time when there weren’t any “formal management training”.

Raineldo Guerrero – Chairman of BIM: Back in 1984 a group of consultants from the American Management Association sponsored through the United States Agency for International Development, USAID, was looking for an organization for which we had wished to sponsor training for an employment project. BIM was identified as the organization even though we were not a formally established organization. So what they did was that they engaged us and they realized that there was nobody else in the country capable of management development training and that is how we became involved as BIM. What happened though, is that  in the initial instance the Chamber of Commerce which is a duly registered chart organization that got the project but BIM was the executing agency and a large part of that initial project was the institutional strengthening of BIM. So in 1987 in December we officially became a legal company that was formed in December 1987. Since this building was built we have trained between 15,000 to 20,000. What these programs do right is that they fill the gaps and add to the skills of those that already exist in whoever the participant or individual may have.”

Guerrero added that BIM will continue to offer its short-term programmes which will be able to have a wider reach with the use of technology.