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BIOFIN Looks at Cost of Protecting the Chiquibul

The world is looking at conservation and protection of the environment as the solution to many issues that ail the world including climate change, economics and sustainable development.  BIOFIN is the acronym for Biodiversity Finance Initiative and was launched by the United Nations Development Fund in October 2012 with an objective to address the financial challenges being faced when it comes to the protection of the biodiversity in various countries.  Recently, a team from BIOFIN was in Belize and as a result they produced a video that highlighted the areas in need of funds to protect and conserve.  In the video they interviewed two Belizean men who are intimately involved in the protection of Belize’s natural resources, namely, David Chan and one man named, Chico.  As it relates to the habitat for our animals, here is what was noted in the six-minute production.

In Belize, BIOFIN is represented by Hannah Martinez who has done her research and field visits to different parts of the country including Las Cuevas among others.  Her visits are to take note of the funding needed to enhance or maintain the current conservation activities.

As our news archives will reflect, the Chiquibul Reserve is a major concern for Belize as it has been pillaged and invaded on numerous occasions by Guatemalans.  This concern was highlighted in the video production.

The project goal for BIOFIN in Belize is to find out how much it will cost to protect biodiversity in Belize.  Conservation projects include the deployment of armed rangers to protect against poaching for which funding is being sought.  BIOFIN is part of the International Climate Initiative that is funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety.