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Birds and Disneyesque Alaska Flight flys South for Winter

The Polar vortex in the the north has been yielding deadly cold as thousands endure power cuts, travel issues mount in Midwest, USA. New cold records are expected to be made as the polar vortex sends extremely cold air into midwestern and northeastern United States to end January.  States of emergency have been issued in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan due to the extreme cold with many schools and businesses closing until the frigid air loosens its grip on the region later this week. Flights across the USA had to be diverted to airports in places as far south as Cancun, Mexico. On Monday one such flight had been pushed all the way to Belize. An Air Alaska fight with a Disney Tail landed at the international airport. The Belize Tourism Board issued a statement saying QUOTE “the BTB has been informed that due to severe weather conditions in Cancun on Sunday, 27th January 2019 around 5 p.m., two flights from Alaska Airlines and one from United Airlines were diverted to the Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport (P.G.IA). One of the Alaska flights and United left the same evening, while the other remained in Belize.  On Monday, 28th January, another plane was sent to pick up the passengers that stayed overnight and departed Belize around 11 a.m. The plane that stayed in Belize on Sunday, departed the country around 8 p.m on Monday evening. While it was unforeseen for the passengers from both airlines to have been diverted, the BTB is pleased that they opted to land in Belize where they were afforded all the needed assistance and courtesies. The BTB is confident that the passengers were able to enjoy the warm hospitality of Belize, albeit for a short time.” UNQUOTE. The BTB wished the passengers a welcome to Belize during their short stay.