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Birth Control Available But Not Being Accessed

There are several areas that the Ministry of Health is targeting ranging from HIV/AIDS to Pre-term Births to teenage pregnancy.  When it comes to working at lowering the rates of teenage pregnancy or unwanted pregnancy, Director of Health Services, Dr Marvin Manzanero told Love News that methods of birth control are available countrywide but the willingness to access them is another matter.


“That is a tricky situation because it will depend on who you ask. I can tell you that birth control pills, implants, condoms, BTLs, vasectomies are options within the public system however I don’t know, there might be a social/cultural element attached to it because the people who may most need it, the pregnant teens might not be the ones going to the health facility to seek any of this. So that situation is perhaps something that we need to work on but we do have birth control methods available in the public system.”

Of the over twenty eight thousand births reported between 2012 and 2015, almost six thousand of them were from teenage girls.  Dr Manzanero says the birth control options being offered includes the vasectomy procedure for men.


“It is done, I guess its not most talked about because men don’t really like to seek medical care and usually what has happened is that BTLs are done when a woman has decided that she had done her full parity she is already at the hospital so she is captured and she gets the BTL done but vasectomies are available. I know that we have done vasectomy drives up in the northern health region but the optic of people coming out to get a vasectomy done is not as much as we would like but that is something that we would need to start changing in terms of the taboo and the myths associated with it.”


“Is that free?”


“The drives that we have done have been free. The procedure is even less complicated than a BTL but I guess we just have to convince the men that they can get a vasectomy and nothing else is going to happen.”

Birth controls are available at public health clinics as well as the Belize Family Life Association and pharmacies countrywide.