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Bishop Martin High School receives funds for Classroom from Japan

As part of its Grassroots and Human Security Project, the Embassy of Japan in Belize yesterday gifted Bishop Martin High School with more than two hundred thousand dollars. The monies will be used to construct a classroom building for the growing school in Orange Walk Town. During a short ceremony yesterday, Principal, Luis Pook expressed his gratitude to Counsellor at the Japan Embassy, Shinichi Yamanaka.

Luis Pook – Principal

“Students in first second and third form particularly because the fourth formers will be graduating will be able to make use of the building that will be constructed with the funds that we are getting through the Japanese Grass Roots project. So of the three hundred eighty-eight students at the school, practically all of them will be able, in the case of the seniors to at least see the building and in the case of those first second and third formers. They’ll be able to enjoy the building facilities.”

Shinichi Yamanaka – Counsellor

“We believe that our students must have access to a good education. As we all know a good education is located in the classroom, at home the community and culture. A good education requires not just a strong content but dedicated students and teachers who are motivated to learn. We also need adequate resources and facilities, action from parents and the communities that support a highly valued education, therefore, a good education requires enormous efforts by everyone involved.”

Bishop Martin High School was established in 2002.