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Bishop Martin’s High School winner of the BCAPSS’s Science Fair

This morning the Belize Catholic Association of Principals of Secondary Schools held their sixth annual Science Fair which saw Catholic high schools across Belize City participated. Love News spoke to the Chair of the Belize Catholic Schools science fair, Antonio Jiminez about the initiative.

Antonio Jimenez, Chairman, BCAPSS Science Fair

“The criteria is that they follow the scientific method. The scientific method is that you discover a problem, you site a problem, you do research on that problem and then you set out a procedure- you come up with a hypothesis on how to solve the problem then you set up a procedure that then you figure out ‘oh my hypothesis on the procedure, my hypothesis on the problem was correct or wrong. So the procedure is what the judges are looking at. Was it innovative, is it a new way to invent the wheel? The objective is to further what the teachers do in the class. The students learn a lot of content but thinking critically, thinking analytically is something that the science fair brings out.”

Bishop Martin High School from Orange Walk Town was selected as the winners. BCAPSS are hoping that with time other high schools will be a part of the science fair.