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Bishop Moses Benguche to be sworn in as Senator

Friday’s National Assembly ceremony will see new Senators sworn.  Among them is Bishop Alvin Moses Benguche, Bishop and District President for the 2018-2021 Triennium of the Methodist Church. Love News spoke to Bishop Benguche about how he hopes to contribute to Belize’s legislature and on his appointment to the Senate.

Bishop Alvin Moses Benguche, Senator:I must remember first of all that I am representing a constituency and that constituency is the church and other faith based organizations within the community and a part of the objective is to remember that as I represent the church and other faith based organizations that some of the specific issues that we would particularly have an interest in those are the things that will be expected of me to vote on and to support at that level. The Evangelical church and the Belize Council of Churches are the ones who would put forward names in so far as this body is concerned and we take turns and this time around it was the Belize Council of Churches turn and so I was nominated and asked to serve and I after careful thought I thought it was important to accept the position.”

Bishop Benguche has expressed gratitude in being chosen to represent all faith based organizations.  He spoke on the balancing of his new role and his current duties.

Bishop Alvin Moses Benguche, Senator: ” I think the important thing is to be able to create a balance and I think that in my work experience over the years I have been able to create that balance. The important thing will be to be able to create the balance but at the same time one of the mantra that I normally carry is that I do not accept a position unless I know I can handle it and I’m fairly certain that I will be able to create that balance and that I rely on God to do the rest. I want to take the opportunity at this time for the level of confidence that the Belize Council of Churches has placed in me, and I recognize that I’m not only representing one aspect of the faith  based organizations but I also recognize that yes I’m a part of the Belize Council of Churches but we also have within the faith based organizations the Evangelicals, the Muslims and that as I represent us I represent the entire body and my consultation which has just started must also involve all the faith based organizations and so I hope my representation will be that where it represents all.”

Bishop Benguche served as a Church Minister for twenty-eight years in Jamaica and Guyana, before returning to Belize in September 2018 to take up the Bishop’ chair.