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Bishop Wright spends fifteen years as Bishop of the Anglican Diocese

It has been fifteen years since Philip Wright consecrated as the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese. Bishop Wright was consecrated on November 17, 2005 at the St John’s the Baptist Cathedral in Belize City. We reached out to Bishop Wright who told us about his experience during those 15 years.

Philip Wright, Bishop, Anglican Diocese of Belize: “First off I would say the time went by quicker than I could ever think, it sometimes feels just like yesterday but perhaps more importantly a day like today of course gives you an opportunity for some reflection and introspection and actually thanksgiving as well as you think about all the people who have supported you over the years, you think of those who have been a source of encouragement and more importantly you thank God that he would even dare call someone like me to lead his church at this time so yes it’s a day with a lot of thinking and reflection. Of course you know when you enter these positions you have a lot of lofty ideas or goals and you think you’re gonna accomplish all of them in the first ten years or whatever and then slowly reality sets in and you realize you might be working most of what you’re working for you might not even live to see and really and truly you’re working for a future generation, you’re working for a church yet to come into full being and at fifteen years I’m about half way. God willing and health permitting I should have another fifteen years and I should think for the most part I want to devote much of that time to strengthening the managerial and other structures of the church to make it more effective and more efficient hopefully but most importantly to be able to hand my successor an even better church than the one I inherited.”

Bishop Wright spoke about the challenges he faced and how he’s learnt from them.

Philip Wright, Bishop, Anglican Diocese of Belize: “In naming challenges I want to also perhaps signal that many of them also became opportunities. Opportunities for me to grow and appreciate people and things but the challenge largely come from what it takes to be a leader in this time and age you know ? A leader in terms of not just having good ideas and good plans and strategies but a leader also in terms of being willing to embody the very values and the very things you’re hoping to see in those you lead and I think that is really the challenge of leadership today embodying and modeling that which you hope to see in those you are leading so a lot of the challenge comes from that and of course you know there’s always the challenge of never having enough money to do what you want to do, there’s always the challenging of never having enough personnel, clergy and other things but yet I will say as I sit before you this evening that through it all I have also seen how God supplies and just when you think you’re at your last end there is a breakthrough, someone shows up, someone gives a donation or whatever and these are things that have been very sustaining for me and enabling me to trust God through the good and the bad the ups and the downs.”

Bishop Wright thanks all those who have supported him and the work of the Diocese and the Church.