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Blackadore Caye Reviews Construction Plans

The Blackadore Investors group announced this morning that they are removing all overwater structures from the ecological resort plans they had planned to construct at Blackadore Caye. This morning the group held a Press Conference to discuss their change in plans.  Public Relations Representative and Social Specialist for the group, Dionne Miranda says that their decision is not motivated by the recent outcries against Seismic testing but by the caliber of investors that are interested in Blackadore Caye.


“No overwater structures and this is because the investor has decided that they are willing to take the changes in the economic returns because they value the Belizean citizens, they value stakeholder conversations and they want to ensure that we do right for the people of Belize. It really has to do with the caliber of the investor. Like we mentioned to you before this is a thoughtful leadership segment of people who believe in wellness on a whole and their wellness is representative of how buildings are constructed, in the way that they live their lives, in the way they carry themselves, the things they invest in and the things that they do and their continued evolving in reference to understanding that they need to leave the world better than they got it.”

Minister of Tourism, Manuel Heredia stated that he admires and supports the stance taken by the Blackadore Key investors because development and economy need to be balanced.


“Given the green light to go ahead by the DOE and these people have gone beyond what they have been asked. My understanding today is that they have decided in the interest of controversies, in the interest of having a reputable name in Belize they have decided that they are removing the over the water structures that were going to be used which means to say that these are people that want to be friendly, people that are listening to the voices of our people and that they mean the best for Belize and at the same time I must say that I do believe in conservation, I do believe in doing things right but there has to be a balance between development and economy.”

Valentio Rosado, Biodiversity Scientist working with the group stated that they have covered all bases to ensure environmental protection.


“We have gone above and beyond what is required through the EIA process there is over two years of biological work that has been done on the island so then the vegetation and the soil and water quality and this provides opportunity for Belizeans to build capacity and learn the different methodologies and at the same time the solutions. I think the most important aspect of this project is the innovation and solutions that are being used in terms of the architecture and the design of the island. It fully considers the climatic impacts and coming up with ways about how the island can become resilient.”

Miranda stated that the decision of removing all over water structures from the plans is a permanent decision.