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Blake Norman Lewis charged with the murder of Marcel Samuels

Belize City Police have formally arrested and charged 19 year old Blake Norman Lewis, a Belizean construction worker from Hattieville Village, for the murder of 62-year-old Marcel Samuels. He was arraigned this afternoon before Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser. She explained to Lewis that she will not take a plea because the offence is of an indictable nature. She remanded him into custody until November 17. According to the police, on Friday September 9, Samuels and his wife got off the bus at mile 19 and a half on George Price Highway and were walking to their cattle farm in the Butcher Burns area when at about half a mile down the road they were approached by two persons who were on a motorcycle. One of the men shot Samuels in his head. One then struck Samuels’ wife on her head with a machete but she managed to escape without any injury.