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A blood drive for the south

There is a planned blood drive for southern Belize. Toledo Correspondent, Paul Mahung has the details.

Paul Mahung: “ A blood drive event due to not having surplus blood in store for emergency is planned in Punta Gorda. Organizer of the event is the Belize Red Cross acting Chairperson Andrea Coc.”

Andrea Coc: “The Belize Red Cross in collaboration with the Punta Gorda Hospital Lab will be conducting a blood drive on Wednesday February 20th from 1pm to 4pm at the Punta Gorda lab. Blood is in constant demand therefore we are encouraging the general public ages 18 years to 61 years to consider donating blood. Blood is needed in cases of emergency situations and any other medical emergencies e.g. traumatic accident, persons with cancer, severe anemia etc, Blood donors with health patients of all ages. We encourage any person interested in donating blood can do so this Wednesday. Belize Red Cross personnel will be there to assist donors and to serve snack and juice. Contact person Ms. Delverine Lambe 6331835, Ms. Andrea Coc 6211206. Ms. Elena Mes 621 9939. Give blood save lives.”

Paul Mahung: “Coc commented that donating blood is a life saving gift for which we can only rely on generous blood donors to answer the call to ensure that blood is collected, tested and available all year around wherever and whenever it is needed.”

“Paul Mahung Toledo Correspondent Love News.”