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BMDA President Says Underlying COVID-19 Symptoms Must be Given Importance

With 499 Covid-19 related deaths reported since the onset of the pandemic in Belize, Dr Uldine Wright of the BMDA says the underlying symptoms must be given importance. She added that the decaying of teeth and mouth infections are also effects observed on Covid-19 survivors.

Dr.Uldine Wright, President, BNDA: “We’ve been seeing the trend of blood clots . We have a lot of persons complaining about the foggy brain, that’s the way they put it. It’s like they can’t remember stuff like they’ll be having a conversation and they feel lost. That is something that has been reported here indeed. Worldwide we have seen – we had our congress last week and we have physicians both local and international presenters present their experience what they have with COVID patients, the long term effects and one of the effects that we’re seeing also not only from the medical doctors but also from the dentists they’re looking seeing more decaying of the teeth because of the side effects of COVID. They’re recording the burning of the mouth or the numbness. They’ve also linked that if you have sever periodontitis¬†or like gingivitis if you don’t have good teeth hygiene this is a cause of severe COVID, they have been linking it and they broke down the physiopathology of how the bacteria of the mouth once you get infected with COVID how it affects you and increases your cytokine storms and put you in severe COVID. So there’s a lot of things, a lot of information that the public can or should know about when it comes to COVID and the severity of it. In Belize right now we see the death rate since September has been posted everyday so we’re seeing the number of cases that are dying how many are vaccinated, unvaccinated. What is interesting is that we are seeing that the majority of deaths in Belize is because of comorbidities. While we have the data that is on the internet right now since September we have reported 134 deaths. 94 of them which is 72% are unvaccinated, 15 were partially and 25 were fully vaccinated but in this fully vaccinated we had only six under sixty years nineteen of them were over sixty and comorbidities were reported in a majority of these cases. We have seen originally the poor dying. A lot of times we only hear about the deaths when it’s a rich person but we have people from all social classes dying from COVID and like I mentioned before you have a higher risk, you have a 5.28% higher risk of being hospitalized if you have comorbidities and the majority of Belizean people are fat. That is the reality. Because once you’re obe se and overweight we will pretty it up but the truth is majority of our people fall under this category. So we saw we had vaccines come in and we say okay this is the light at the end of the tunnel which does help to a large extent. What we have seen is that if you’re fully vaccinated you have 35% lower risk of dying than somebody who is unvaccinated. And then the fully vaccinated, I’m talking in Belize I’m not talking about in the states or England or Israel, fully vaccinated had 60% lower risk of being hospitalized on average compared to the unvaccinated. So if you get vaccinated you have a 60% chance of not going to the hospital and a 35% lower chance than dying from COVID so we do see that happening but what we also notice in Belize despite the vaccination status you have a higher risk of dying from COVID if you have comorbidities and like I said before a lot of our Belizeans have comorbidities but it’s just overlooked because it’s so common we deem it normal but it’s not.”

Obesity is a factor that Dr Wright says has been deemed as normal in Belize. She noted that the majority of the infected persons hospitalized are overweight. Dr Cervantes weighed in on this aspect saying that obesity should be addressed from conception of a child.

Dr.Uldine Wright, President, BNDA: “What we see in Belize is that if you have a pre existing comorbidity you have 5.28% higher risk of being hospitalized that somebody who doesn’t have comorbidities. Now a lot of times people think “Oh comorbidity would be okay you have to have high blood pressure or diabetes ar asthma.” but a lot of what our Belizean population is not acknowledging you don’t acknowledge that obesity and being overweight is actually a disease. And so the majority of these persons admitted are overweight. That’s something in Belizean culture you know Caribbean the thick people but that is actually a result of poor diet and so we are seeing the effects of this with COVID that the majority of our patients being hospitalized and dying are actually overweight and obese. So that is something that we need to look into and start being – because obesity is actually an epidemic in Belize that we need to address but it’s not talked about.”

Dr.Andre Joe Cervantes, Spokesman, BMDA Committee on Cannabis: “It all starts in the womb. From the time a woman is pregnant you have to have the proper nutrition so we’re not blaming the mothers per se but if the mother has the proper nutrition from the time she’s expecting this child and of course when the child is born proper breast feeding and proper habits like not introducing our kids to sodas and chips and sweets. So if we have that culture from the time you’re small definitely you are creating a healthy human being. Those persons we see generally and this is not just for COVID but more in COVID times if you’re a person that hasn’t had a healthy lifestyle from earlier in your life and apart from that you are having an unhealthy lifestyle perhaps you’re clubbing it. I mean right now officially clubs are closed but you’re drinking, smoking, doing recreational drugs then you will see that those persons at the age of 45-45, this is without COVID, is when they start to have the “ooh”, “aye” little pains here and there. So just talking about it in that way imagine a person who is not “healthy”, is obese or is overweight, high blood pressure, diabetes, and then this pandemic comes along well that puts you at very big disadvantages and unfortunately¬†as a Belizean population we’re not very healthy people generally speaking.”