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BMVRALS to decentralize transport governance

Today was the soft launch of the Belize Motor Vehicle Registration and License System (BMVRALS) as the project nears completion of the first phase. In 2014, a concept paper was developed and the Government of Taiwan was approached to provide funding for the project. In 2015, Taiwan approved funding for the project through its International Cooperation Development Fund. The creation of BMVRALS is a huge step towards E-government by allowing the various government departments to connect with each other. Mike Singh, Chief Technology Officer, for the Office of the Prime Minister addressing the gathering and said he hopes the culture will quickly adapt to the new change.

Mike Singh, – Chief Technology Officer, for the Office of the Prime Minister:  “Transport touches everybody’s lives, the bus system, the motor vehicle license system, drivers licenses. It is extremely important that we get this right because if we don’t it means that we will be impacting negatively a very large part of a society which today does not necessarily get the best service  they can get. We see the ability to standardize across the country, for instance a driver’s license. Today nobody really trust our driver’s license because it is being created by each municipality without any backup database to verify the authenticity of data or to verify it against data for instance how do you know for sure that the car you are licensing really came through customs legally ? You don’t know. How do you know that car has passed an inspection to be able to licensed and safe on the road? The buses and so all,  these are going to be addressed within BMVRALS so it’s really a huge huge impact. In terms of partnership again, Taiwan as our partner, I don’t think we could have done this without the partnership that you have offered and it has been ongoing partnership for so many years that we feel the warmth that comes with it. It’s not charity, I don’t see it as charity I see it as support in developing so that our nation can also benefit.’

The Ambassador of Taiwan, His Excellency Remus Li-Kuo Chen, expressed his government’s sincere happiness for the partnership with Belize.

His Excellency Remus Li-Kuo Chen – Ambassador of Taiwan: “This project is a four year joint partnership Taiwan and Belize E- Government  with the budget of $2.8 million US dollars. The grade deliverables are providing the time saving, efficient and less costly E-Government services transport for Belizean citizens. In the first phase of this project we have successfully established the Motor Vehicle Service Platform which is a centralized database that will facilitate the storage, integration and sharing of transport data and also will assist the overall development and improvement of transport services. Upon the above mentioned system the Department of Transport Offices in Belize City Belmopan, Santa Elena and Orange Walk have collectively issued more than 2000 new drivers’ licenses not in the form of papers but cards. The good news is that the rest of the municipalities will be providing the same service soon so on behalf of my Government and the people of Taiwan I would like to reiterate our staff support of the digital E- Government crusade initiated by Prime Minister Barrow.

Ruth Meighan, the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Transport and National Emergency Management Organization noted that the project is still a work in progress. However, at the completion of the project, it will improve security and allow the public to submit applications and process information for documents through an ‘around the clock’ electronic system.