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Belize Nature Conservation Foundation held a grant award ceremony. Some of the awardees spoke to Love News about how they will utilize their funds in their respective agencies.

Celia Mahung: “The Belize Nature Conservation Foundation held a grant award ceremony at the Guanacaste National Park. Approximately $114,000 Bz was granted to three conservation NGO’s namely the Yache Conservation Trust, Friends of Conservation and Development and the Rio Blanco Mayan Association. These funds will be used for research and the management of the protected areas. We hear from the Yache Conservation trust about their project.

Representative form Yache Conservation Trust Said Gutierrez: “The Yache Conservation trust works with several communities in the Toledo District and the grant for the project today will help us to establish an inventory of the wild bees of Belize. We are hoping that this will help us a lot in promoting our sustainable agriculture practices within communities by providing necessary information and useful information that will help the farmers understand what are the important communities of insects that are beneficial to their crops.

Celia Mahung: “ Every year the Belize Nature Conservation Foundation provides grants to terrestrial conservation organizations. These grants are administered through the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT). For Love News from Guanacaste Park I am Celia Mahung.