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BNE Charitable Trust donates Computer lab to primary school

The Light of the Valley Primary School is the recipient of computers that will be utilized in its newly installed computer lab. The equipment comes courtesy of the Belize Natural Energy Charitable Trust. Dangriga Correspondent Harry Arzu spoke to Walter Garbutt, a Trustee for the BNE Charitable Trust and the school Principal, Desiree Pascual about the donation.

Harry Arzu: “The Light of the Valley Baptist Primary School which is located in Valley Community here in the Stann Creek District is committed to provide a place of education and learning to the highest standard. To enhance this mission is a new computer lab that was donated by the Belize Natural Energy Trust BNE in collaboration with Kids First. Love News was at the official handing over ceremony and spoke with Walter Garbutt who is a Trustee at BNE.

Walter Garbutt:We are handing over some computers for the computer lab at Light of the Valley school.”

Harry Arzu: “How many computers are we talking about?

Walter Garbutt:There are 8 computers with accessories for printing, copying extra.”

Harry Arzu: “How was this made possible?”

Walter Garbutt: Alright the need was identified by the principal and her staff at the school. They submitted a request for partnership or for a donation so they can facilitate their lab and enable students to be exposed to computers and technology.”

Harry Arzu: ”Desiree Pasqual who is the principal of the learning institution told Love news that they are all excited about the progress that is taking place at the school.”

Desiree Pasqual: Well we feel very privileged, it is something that we have been working on for a long time so definitely we feel very good about this project.”

Harry Arzu: “So is this your first computer lab?”

Desiree Pasqual: Yes this is our first computer lab so we are making history thanks to BNE Charitable Trust we are one step in making our school a little bit brighter and better for the school for the students especially.”

Harry Arzu: “A similar event will be taking place later today at Seine Bight Village. Reporting for Love News at Valley community I am Harry Arzu.”