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BNE Charitable Trust invests $600,000

Belize Natural Energy (BNE) and the Government of Belize partnered to form the BNE Charitable Trust. The BNE Charitable Trust held its seventh annual General meeting today at its headquarters in Belmopan.  Chairman of the Trust, John August said six hundred thousand dollars has been invested in communities across the country for this financial year.

John August, Chairman, BNE Charitable Trust: “We are just giving a report on the various projects that we’ve done during the course of the last twelve months that has impacted the lives of many people in Belize especially in the rural communities in terms of educational assistance, in the case of providing equipment to various schools, infrastructure, also social projects like putting in parks and playgrounds, assisting in football bleachers, various projects that we believe has a tremendous impact on the lives of the local communities that we serve.”

Reporter: How much money did you spend and what were the different communities that you impacted ?

John August, Chairman, BNE Charitable Trust: “Well we have impacted communities from north, south, east and west. Today as we are giving this report we noticed that especially in the Belize district we discovered several project there, in Stann Creek and Toledo we did projects in the area, San Ignacio we have completed projects, Corozal also we have done projects there as well. During the course of this financial year we spent over $600,000 Belize dollars in projects.”

Reporter: And these were done mostly with schools? What did you do in the districts?

John August, Chairman, BNE Charitable Trust: “We worked very closely with the different schools in the various districts in terms of providing equipment for the schools to carry out their daily work. We worked tremendously also with the Belize Police Department they presented certain projects for us and so we worked with them. In the area of sports we built bleachers in certain areas of the country, parks and playgrounds and we partner with basically anybody that presents a viable project and we believe will have a tremendous impact on the lives of people in this country. They come to us, they bring their proposals we look at it especially those organizations that will contribute a certain amount to the project we are always happy to partner with them by putting something towards the project especially if it has something to do with young people. Over all through the student loan programs that we have with various credit unions throughout this country where students can go and apply for a loan to attend high school or university the empowerment fund and in general social projects that we’ve done it’s about $18 million dollars over the years that we have invested into the Belizean community.”

August said that anyone who wants to have a project funded by the BNE Charitable Trust can either visit their offices or apply online at the organization’s website.