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BNE donates to police department to help children

The Belize Natural Energy Trust handed a check for eight thousand dollars to the Belize Police Department in a short ceremony today in Belmopan. Commander for Region One in Belize City, Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett accepted the check on behalf of the Police Department. The funds will be used to support three summer programs for Region One in Belize City and stands to benefit over two hundred children. John August, Chair of the Trust and Commander Gillett spoke of the collaboration.

Fem Cruz: A short handing over ceremony for a donation of $8000 donated by BNE to the Police Department was held this afternoon at the office in Belmopan. At hand to receive the donation was Senior Superintendent Howell Gillet.

Senior Superintendent Howell Gillet: We are at region one side of Eastern division, we are very pleased with today’s donation. This will go a long way to help with our summer programs, we have three programs coming up for the summer for young people on region one side of Belize and one of them is a summer camp in Corozal. We also have swimming classes for 60 young people and then we have the third annual youth engagement and agricultural program. That will be held with the support from the Ministry of Agriculture so this will go a long way in different expenses to help these young people during the summer and we are fully aware that an investment in young people is an investment for the future so we are so happy for the BNE charitable trust to be helping us in this way.

Fem Cruz: John August the chairman of BNE explained about this donation.

John August the chairman of BNE: Today the BNE charitable trust is pleased to be partnered with the Belize Police Department, especially in the Southside of Belize City with the annual summer program. We the board, BNE Is governed by a board made of the board made up three representatives from the BNE company and the government of Belize, three partners from the government of Belize so when we receive this application towards this help program, we were very anxious and we were very pleased that we are here today in making this donation of $8000. We know will go a long way in helping the young people especially in the Southern side of Belize City. We hope that this donation will have a positive impact on their lives and they will have an enjoyable summer and go back to school in September ready to learn and study.

 Fem Cruz: This is Brother Fem Cruz reporting from the Nation’s Capital Belmopan for Love Fm.


The programs include Youth Engaged in Agriculture, Swimming Lessons and a Summer Camp to be held in Corozal.