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BNE Trust Gives to Southern Schools

The BNE Charitable Trust Board gave a significant donation to schools in southern Belize.  Paul Mahung has the story.


“Ten primary schools in Toledo and Stann Creek districts were presented with furniture or equipment by Belize Natural Energy Charitable Trust Board. During handing over ceremony the ten schools located in the south central Stann creek and northern Toledo district. One of the guest speakers was Belize Natural Energy Charitable Trust Government of Belize Representative Trustee Walter Garbutt.”


“From the 13th to the 15th of June we were honored and privileged to visit ten schools; five in the south central Stann creek district and five in the Toledo district. The five schools that we visited in the South Central Stann Creek District are Red Bank, Maya Mopan, Richard Quinn, San Juan RC and United Community Primary School. All these schools were given grants of furniture, very much needed as explained by the principal and those that spoke at these ceremonies. One food because of a disaster, they had a tragic fire that is a United Community and so they got a few equipment along with the furniture.”


“Another speaker was BNE Charitable Energy Trust BNE Representative Charitable Trustee Albert Garcia”


“The trust is a public and private partnership between government and representatives of BNE with means of distributing the funds accordingly. Now we were looking at ensuring Toledo and Stann Creek really gain some benefits from this because we want to ensure that everybody feels that they are not being left out.”


“Other speakers included Principals of the respective schools who expressed gratitude to Belize Natural Energy Charitable Trust for the generous donation. Present also at the handing over ceremonies was Belize Natural Energy Charitable Trust Administrator Elswith Patnett, teachers, students as well as village council leaders and PTA representatives. During the program, cultural entertainment was provided by students.”