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BNTU advises teachers on applying for full license

Yesterday we told you of the BNTU’s notice to teachers, urging them to apply for their full licenses.  The decision came after a back and forth between the union and the Ministry of Education which ended with a meeting over the weekend between the ministry’s Chief Education Officer, Dr Carol Babb and the Union President, Elena Smith.  According to Smith, they needed clarification on the issue prior to advising the teachers on how to move forward.
Elena Smith, President of the BNTU: “We looked at the education rules, and we sought some initial legal advice on the matter, the rules are clear in that a full license is valid for a period not exceeding five years and so what was not clear however was how the matter would be dealt with at the end of that period, the process that we will go through after the end of that five years or so period. So for that reason then as a union, we cannot go against the rules and so we wanted to get certain things clear before we went ahead with giving our teachers the go-ahead to go and do the process. For you to get a full license you have to have the requisite qualifications and so if any teacher who has the qualifications they would not be denied a full license, if it is though that you do not poses the qualification whether you had a full license before or not it would then mean that you would not qualify for a full license because you don’t have the qualifications. One of the basic things that we have to understand is that for you to receive a full license you have to have the pedagogic part of it and so it’s not just for you to say I have a degree in a certain area but you have that component as well in addition to, that would then qualify you to be given a full license.”