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BNTU calls Education Minister a liar and promises to protest

The Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) held a meeting with representatives to accuse Minister of Education Patrick Faber of attempting to union bust, intimidation and outright lying.  The Ministry also placed a deadline on a response from the Union and rather than through email, the union will take it to the pavement. Love news attended the union’s press conference where president, Elena Smith was supported by a full room of representatives all decked out in fighting green.

Jose Sanchez: “The BNTU held a press conference to refute comments made by Minister of  Education Patrick Faber. According to the BNTU the Ministry is trying to divide and conquer by negotiating with entities that are not a part of the Union.”

Elena Smith BNTU President: “The Minister continues to say, even at the Prime Minister press conference that the BNTU has never objected to these matters of hardship and what they have been doing and I have before me the minutes of the meetings that we had.”

Jose Sanchez: “The BNTU President provided minutes of the meeting of which the unions objections were made.”

Elena Smith BNTU President: “The Chiar who is Miss Domingo asked that the position of the BNTU be placed on the record as follows. The Union expressed solidarity with teachers and does not support the removal of any school from the list or the movement of any school from one category to another. We are saying that the Minster outright lied about the BNTU and he must make that correction and so we are not dictating to him, we are simply requesting to meet with us, if it is that they are serious about getting this matter resolved then meet with us, we are the legal representatives of our members, nobody else, not the DEC, not the principal, the Union legally.”

Jose Sanchez: “District Education managers have been appointed to discuss the many hardship categorizations by Wednesday November 7th.”

Elena Smith BNTU President: “Since when have we been negotiating with District Education Managers. BNTU negotiates with the Ministry of Education. The matter of hardship and the matter of commuting and the allowances are matters that we negotiate and we negotiate with the Ministry of of Education.”

Jose Sanchez: “The Union will march in the capitol next week Wednesday. Jose Sanchez for Love News.”

BNTU President Elena Smith had a full room of support. She was flanked by former union presidents and union members at the BNTU headquarters.