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BNTU comments on Faber’s Road Reconstruction

The Belize National Teachers Union, BTNU, has also weighed in on the matter. According to President of the BNTU, Senator Elena Smith, the contract awarded to Imer Hernandez for the reconstruction of a portion of Fabers Road is bloated.


Elena Smith – President of the BNTU

“Our initial reaction is the matter of cost because we feel as though the length of road and the cost do not match and so that is our initial reaction. We have not gotten any other information that we could look at to make a better conclusion on the matter I’m sure that we have to seek that information and then we are going to be discussing it but for now we think that we could have gotten more out of what we are spending. We have to be very careful on how we spend our public funds and we have to ensure that we get the best for what we are spending and right now we do not feel that the amount of money that will be spent on that one mile of road is going to be properly spent.”