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BNTU criticizes Government decision to end Senate Hearings

When the Government of Belize announced that it would no longer finance the Senate Hearing past November, citing budgetary constrictions due to the newly reconstituted Integrity Commission and implementation of UNCAC, the Belize National Teachers Union fired off a release criticizing the Government’s decision, saying that no works or results have been seen as it relates to the Integrity Commission and UNCAC. Well, according to the Attorney General, significant preliminary steps have been taken towards the implementation of UNCAC. A lengthy release from the Ministry says that a concerted and devoted effort to assess the legal and institutional framework in Belize, with the aim of identifying and strengthening anti-corruption regimes in Belize, has been made. Since acceding to the UNCAC, GOB has initiated the Strengthening National Systems to Support UNCAC Implementation in Belize project. In May a two-day training workshop entitled “Implementation Review Mechanism of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) Training in Belize” was held where members of the Project Board and other stakeholders of civil society were given introductory training on the provisions of the UNCAC and what is required for implementation. During that same month, two Governmental Experts from the Attorney General’s Ministry participated in the Basic Training Programme in Public Procurement facilitated by a joint effort of the European Union and CARIFORUM. Participants were given a general sensitization and awareness training to facilitate a wider understanding of public procurement, its value to society as a whole and its potential development impact through international trade.  A “South-South” exchange with Jamaica is scheduled for later this month. The release ends by stating quote, “Although a large portion of the work is foundational in nature, it is essential if we are to effectively execute our obligations under the UNCAC. The Government remains committed to combating corruption at any level it may exist, and affirms that the proper implementation of UNCAC is a priority at this time.” End of quote.