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BNTU Gets Out-pour of Support from Fellow Sister Unions

The utility unions have pledged their support for the Belize National Teachers Union.  A joint release from the Belize Water Services Workers Union, the Belize Energy Workers Union and the Belize Communications Workers Union, states quote, “As directed by our membership, and through this medium, we hereby publicly express our support for the teachers to be paid their three percent as per their agreement with the Government of Belize.” End of quote. The Utility Unions are also calling on the Public Service Union, Association of Public Service Senior Managers and the BNTU to come to a unanimous decision in regards to Government’s request of the three percent deferral. The Utility Unions say that BNTU’s eight demands as it pertains to good governance would quote, “be best addressed and resolved through the synchronized efforts of all trade unions under the umbrella organization which is the NTUCB”. End of quote. The Utility Unions have also expressed its support with BNTU’s demand that all issues be addressed urgently. The Christian Workers Union has also pledged solidarity with the BNTU. The CWU is calling on all its members to come out tomorrow for the countrywide demonstration and join the teachers on their Stand up for Belize Campaign. The CWU is asking all those who will participate to wear something green that would show solidarity with the Belize National Teachers Union. The BNTU is also asking the private sector to show its solidarity. A letter was sent to the President of the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Nikita Usher, in which BNTU President Luke Palacio states quote, “We now turn to you, the private sector of Belize, and ask that you membership be encouraged to visibly support the BNTU.” End of quote.