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BNTU launches documentary as a tribute to strike

The Belize National Teachers Union launched a documentary that featured highlights of last year’s strike. President, Senator Elena Smith spoke to Love News.

Elena Smith, BNTU President

“Today is the first anniversary of our strike, the start of our 11 days last year and so we are starting our documentary today to remind the people and give our teachers something that they can remember that this is what we stood up for in 2016. This is our story, this is the BNTU’s story as to what it is that we were out there for and what it is that we achieved because as you rightly said earlier were looking at good governance for our country and so that is the reason we were out and so we wanted to have our people see that in that light as opposed to through a political lens.”

Smith said that last year’s strike was put on hold.

Elena Smith, BNTU President

“In our letter to the Prime Minister that we reminded him that our strike was put on hold, we did not conclude, we said it would be on hold and so today last year, on this day last year that was when we began. I don’t know today if we are going to be launching our documentary and then launch phase two of our strike but what will happen will happen when the time comes.”