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About 1500 educators came from the various districts to attend the launch of a campaign of the Belize National Teachers’ Union at the Mount Carmel High School Auditorium.  This campaign carries the theme, Stand up for Belize and is geared at educating the teachers on the Belize/Guatemala issue and the progress that negotiators have made thus far and the way forward.  At this morning’s event which began just after nine o’clock had two key presentations by Belize’s Foreign Minister, Wilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington and former Foreign Minister Assad Shoman.  Shoman carried out his presentation first which was accompanied by music and images.  Shoman was quite candid in his address and made no qualms at saying that the Guatemalans are serial killer of agreements.

Shoman also took a few jabs at the Government of Belize, making reference to a presentation by Elrington in the National Assembly on the issue of Belize/Guatemala differendum being a non-partisan matter.

The presentations concluded just after one o’clock this afternoon and according to BNTU’s President Luke Palacio, despite the fact that not all teachers attended, he was satisfied with the outcome and the presentations.

Love News spoke with two teachers who attended today’s forum and they gave their impression of today’s launch.

As Palacio mentioned, today’s event is the first in a series of events that will be held with the objective of educating the teachers.